Traxxas Phone Mount

When you run Telemetry on your RC or if you are thinking about installing it, you will need a Traxxas Phone Mount in order to hold your mobile device for viewing the data. There are different mobile device mount options that you can use. In earlier years Traxxas had a Phone docking base that hooked to your transmitter and was a little on the expensive side. The mount I am going to show you is the cheapest option made from Traxxas to help keep the cost low when installing telemetry on your rig.

Traxxas Transmitter Phone Mount

Traxxas Phone Mount

Traxxas has come out with a great phone mount to attach to the top of the TQi Transmitter. The Traxxas Mobile Device Mount is meant for use with Traxxas TQi vehicles and the Traxxas Aton. This mount provides a secure mounting base for your mobile device on the TQi and Aton transmitters. It attaches to the TQi transmitter easily and securely by snapping it on over the top bar of the transmitter and tightening it down by the securing knob.

 On Aton transmitters, it is attached by replacing the battery cover and sliding this mount in place of the cover. 

Traxxas Aton Mount

The Traxxas Mobile Device Mounting System is fully adjustable, allowing you to select the position of your mobile device that is most suitable to you. You do not have to worry about your mobile phone falling off, as the Spring loaded clamps hold a variety of mobile devices to the mount, and the base swivels and tilts to customize the position. This mount makes monitoring real-time telemetry and adjusting settings simple, keeping your device secured to the radio for easy access.

Traxxas TQi Mount

Traxxas Mobile Device Mounting System – #6532

Price – $15.00

Best Place to Buy – Amazon

purchase the Traxxas Phone Mount Here!

Features & details

  • Transmitter Phone Mount holds the phone securely to Aton and TQi transmitters
  • Mount adjusts for different angles
  • The spring-loaded clamp holds the phone in place

Traxxas Phone Mount Specifications

Products Size: 13.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches

weight: 4 once

manufacturer: Traxxas 

manufacturer part number: 6532

2 thoughts on “Traxxas Phone Mount

  1. That is a great mount to use and it being on top of the transmitter should make it easy to view without your hands blocking the view.


    1. Jeff,
      This mount is pretty sweet. I have this mount on 4 of my transmitters and i am very pleased with it. It really does make it easy to view and make fine tuning adjustments in the app.


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