FPV Camera System

Team Associated expands their products into the FPV side of RC with the new FPV Camera System. The racing pros at Team Associated now offer the DSV System FPV Goggle and Camera Set. Take your RC experience to the next level with the XP Digital DSV (Driver’s Seat View) System. This will add a lot of fun to your RC Time when installed in your RC car or truck.

Take your RC experience to the next level with the XP Digital DSV System. A simple plug-and-play design allows for easy installation into most hobby-grade RC cars and trucks. Full color, real-time display headset paired with a full HD camera put you right in the driver’s seat of your favorite RC cars and trucks.


  • HD Display Team Associated XP Digiatal FPV Goggles
  • One Key Auto-Search
  • First-Person View
  • Real-Time Display
  • Adjustable Head Band
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • AV in
  • Uses an open port in the receiver for power

Camera Specifications:

Camera Sensor: 1/4″ CMOS HD image sensor
Resolution: 1000TVL
Lens Angle: 120 degrees FOV 150 degrees DFOV
Min. Illumination: 0.001LUX/F1.2
SNR: >=50db

Head Unit Specifications:

Working Voltage: 1s built-in battery
Screen Size: 3″ LCD display
Screen Resolution: 500×300 pixels
Weight: 164.7g
Size: 138mm x 129mm x 79mm

Team Associated XP Digital DSV FPV Camera System

#29290 – $129.99 MAP

Get the XP Digital DSV Camera System here.

Team Associated XP Digital FPV Camera
XP Digital DSV FPV System

After some time with this FPV System I have found it to be a very cheap system. It looks nice but, it lacks performance. The video quality is poor and is too lagy. The camera only works for sort time then quits working. When it does work the video is real grainy and hard to see where you are going. I would expect more from a well known company like Team Associated. Honestly, there are way better systems out there.

Check out my previous FPV Post for more.

9 thoughts on “FPV Camera System

  1. I bought this set up for my trx4 sport to go rock crawling I was really excited to use it I saw the video hd footage. I got home charged it up and the footage was horrible and after the second use it stopped working. I can’t find anywhere in the internet how to fix it. I worked at a hobby shop and I regret buying this. It was false advertising and broke in the 2nd try and I take care of my rcs. Does anyone know why the camera won’t turn on ? The video display works just the fpv camera won’t turn on. Before a red number in the back would turn on then stopped working. I plugged it in straight to the reciever and external battery and still wouldn’t work. It’s a cheap setup if anyone knows how to fix it please contact me at my email edgerramirez68@gmail.com


    1. Hi John,
      I am sorry to hear that you camera is not working. Can you tell me which port you have the camera plugged into. I would make sure it is plugged into channel 3 on the receiver and be sure the goggles are fully charged. Then turn on the goggles and then the vehicle. It should power up once the vehicle is turned on.


    2. Did you ever get the camera working? And what’s your opinion? I just bought one today and am waiting for its arrival. I plan to use it on my buggies offroad.. how is the video quality? You can email me a response to kriskirk17@gmail.com if you can? Thanks for your help..


  2. I think that is great, a complete fpv set. I have never used fpv but have wanted to try it. Would this be a good set for a beginner running a Traxxas Stampede?


    1. Hi Joe,
      This fpv set would definitely be a good set for the Stampede. For a beginner and experienced as well this fpv system is ready for action.
      Fpv on rc cars is best when used on on-road vehicles. Not saying you can’t use it off road but, when driving off road, it can make it harder to use for someone that is not used to it. The camera bouncing around with the rough terrain can be a bit much to handle until you are used to running with fpv.
      Thank you,


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